Most Advanced
Air Powered Stepper!
X-Step H.I.T. Workouts!
H.I.T. & FIT
Beginners love this workout, because it makes losing weight fun and fast. Just follow Brenda’s easy to follow techniques that will get you stepping, swinging and burning fat all on a cushion of air!
Pure Cardio H.I.T.

Haven't tried H.I.T. before? Then you'e going to love the Pure Cardio H.I.T. Workout! Just follow Brenda and her one minuteonscreen cues that motivate and challenge you to become your ultimate best!

Lower Body H.I.T.
Turn up the volume with this workout! It revs your heart rate up quickly as you work on and all over the X-Step. You'll feel the burn in your butt, thighs and core!
Upper Body H.I.T.
Want to throw some upper body definition into the mix? Then grab the cables or your own dumbbells for 20 intense intervals that will incinerate fat while building strength in your chest, back, bi’s and tri’s.
H.I.T. 2 the Core Cardio & Abs
It’s totally core-focused! You’ll rip your abs up on the X-Step, behind it, in front and off of it. We’ll bet you’ve never worked core like this before.
Core Plyo

Tom Stroup (Bonus 1) Guaranteed to get your body jumping, your muscles flexingand your heart pumping? Plus Tom will rip up your abs in between cardio burstsso that you not only burn fat, but develop a serious six-pack! Start by doing asmany reps as you safely canin a burst, then add a few reps each time you do the workout until you can complete the entire routine.

Combat Cardio
Tom Stroup (Bonus 2) One of the most challenging workouts ever! Definitely created for the serious trainer. You'll feel what it's like do the same workout Tom uses in his SWAT Drills to keep his body in fighting shape .
Kick-X Boxing

This workout (included with original offer) delivers short bursts of intense, maxedout cardio mixed with balance, core and boxing training. The moves are easy to follow at any fitness level, but done flat out will leave you gasping for air.

All workouts are approximately 30 minutes in length.