Step Up to the FUN!

No Boring Workouts!

Rock your Core & get Sleeker, Sexier Buns & Thighs without jarring impact to your body!

Brenda’s workouts give you exactly what you want. They’re short, yet powerful so you get in and get a whole body workout in about 30 minutes. Each workout features Brenda’s hottest moves plus original, high–energy music to keep you moving! Just do as many moves as you can safely do.

HOT Cardio Party Workout

GET In on the FUN!

It’s the perfect beginner workout. Just place your new AirClimber Xpress by your TV and load up Brenda’s rocking “HOT Cardio Party!” Even if you’re never stepped before, Brenda starts you out at your own pace with moves that combine fat–burning with whole body toning.
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Bodacious Buns, Thighs & Abs!

The name says it all. This workout targets your thighs and abs without having to get down on the floor! It’s the bonus workout that combines Cardio, Toning and Abs in one exciting 30 minute workout!
Watch the Bodacious Buns, Thighs & Abs preview…