The AirClimber Xpress makes exercise FUN!

Brenda’s new AirClimber® Xpress is completely redesigned with a slightly smaller size than her best-selling AirClimber.

Just like the original, the new AirClimber Xpress features Air Power Technology which uses fast–flowing air to dramatically reduce pounding impact to your joints, plus the Air Power actually helps you workout.

Here’s how it works.

With every step, air flows from pedal to pedal inflating the bellows, so you're literally stepping on a soft cushion of air. Impact and pounding to your body is dramatically reduced compared to walking, jogging or aerobics.

At the same time, the air flow actually helps lift your legs, so you keep moving to burn fat to get results faster than you ever thought possible.

The resistance dial adjusts the air that flows from bellow to bellow. Now you can go from easy, light steps to a powerful, leg-sculpting workout.