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Step On a Soft Cushion
of Air and Get Serious Results!


• Air Power Technology
• Supports Up to 250 lbs.
• 100% Assembled
• Lightweight & Portable
• No Jarring Impact
• Made with Tough,
Engineered Resin

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No boring
The AirClimber®
Xpress makes
exercise FUN!

amazon 4 stars

"I really like to exercise with this for 3 main reasons
1) because I need a low impact exercise that I can still burn calories with.
2) I also need a quiet work out since I live in an apartment. This is very quiet.
3) I need a safe machine to have around my toddler. This is safe.”
By shuauwsb on November 17, 2015

amazon 5 stars

"I love it. Its easy to use and get a sweat.
I can even jump on them with full resistance like a trampoline to get a high intensity burn.”
By vanvan on August 18, 2015

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